10,000+ feet above earth en route from Alaska to Maine; when an epiphany struck.

I am a big fan of the a-ha’s of life.




Perhaps I should not have been surprised that Rebecca Brandon came to mind as I was flying over the clouds…  After all, she is now of the ethereal world.


But there I was reading and reflecting when I realized something important.  …Soon after joining her handling class, Ms Brandon became hard on me.  In earnest I tried to absorb what she was teaching, but it felt like she kept changing the rules.  It seemed she was impossible to satisfy, and seldom did I ever get an attaboy.

But as painful as it was, I learned a lot.



I am answering you, not to answer but to simply destroy the questions. I am not a teacher. The teacher teaches you; the master does not teach you, he helps you unlearn.

IMG_2221-Book Of Wisdom OSHO commentary on Atisha’s work









Rebecca was a master.


Dear One, may you rest in peace.  You knew exactly what you were doing so well.

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  1. Donna says:

    Miss her every day

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