On Competition…

Competitive by nature, I play to win.  But the win is only as sweet as the imposing challenge.

This weekend Stirling did well at the specialty hosted by the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Chicago held in St.Charles, Illinois.  This was good.  But what made it great for us was respect for our competition.  I admire the people we were competing with, and I respect the energy and imagination involved in the breeding of each of their dogs.




I am probably going to suffer tomorrow, as I cannot sleep tonight.  Sometimes the comments people post on Facebook upset my stomach, making it impossible for me to sleep.  Tonight it was the commentary of a “winner” from this past week about how sweet their victory was over the disgusting competition…

If you think so little of your competition, how can it be such a big deal when you win?


Meas Uile Eagla Ar bith…

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