CH Krisma’s O’Hanluan Aoife


"Little Green"

“Little Green”

My first Kerry:  This beloved was given the proper Irish name Aoife, which is pronounced “ee-fa” and means Radiant Beauty.  I think of her as a bit of a guardian angel, who has been a blessing to all of us.

Aoife is my ace skijoring partner in the winter.  And she is an avid water dog, who enjoys every form of water (including mud) during the short Alaskan summers.  She is perfectly at home on the Alaskan trails; never short of ambition to excite the wild life from vole to moose…


Aoife 2 yrs



PennHIP #912903 4/22/2014: DI 0.28 B

DM: OFA 4/28/2014 – “CARRIER”

CSMD aka PNA: OFA 04/19/2014 – “CLEAR”

vWD: VetGen 16538 4/30/2014 – “CLEAR”

Factor XI: VetGen 16538 -5/2/2014 – “CARRIER”



Aoife’s Intriguing Pedigree

Aoife's AKC Certified Pedigree

Everyone has a story.  For a hint of the passion, mystery, and drama; click on the thumbnail “Little Green”…



AKC Championship Certification

Aoife's AKC Championship Certificate



Aoife’s Adventure Shots












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