The Twists & Turns…


Just last weekend we were celebrating our Best In Show win.  There has not even been time enough to write about that, and now already we are swallowing the grave reality of losing an unborn litter of puppies…

Who pushed me off Cloud-9?  …Life-it’s-own-self, of course.


Again I ask, please do not question me on the whys and wherefores of this unfortunate turn of events.  I have all too many questions and far too few answers.  You can speculate if you are inclined, but there is no answer that can satisfy a mother who has lost her child.  Sometimes there is no good answer.


Let It Be


My beloved is resting on the couch beside me; home safe, and we are ready to mend.  …For that I am thankful.

The outpouring of love and support from friends both near and far has been overwhelming, and gratefully appreciated.  …For that I am thankful.

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