CH Stirling O’Hanluan



What’s in a name?  Everything, of course…      And that’s precisely why every proud parent labors the choices when naming their beloved.

Stirling is the Irish spelling of the more commonly accepted form Sterling, which means first choice or pure.  O’Hanluan in it’s Irish translation means Champion.  So there you have it, Stirling O’Hanluan is our First Choice to Champion the destiny set before him of founding a new generation of Kerries in Alaska…

Palancar's Stirling O'Hanluan of Krisma

13 month old Stirling O’Hanluan


CERF: #KT-382760 02/25/2014 – “NORMAL”

PennHIP: #911658 02/28/2014 – DI L0.37, R0.34

DM: OFA 03/06/2014 – “CLEAR”

vWD: VetGen #15378 03/06/2014 – “CLEAR”

Factor XI: VetGen #15378 03/13/2014 – “CARRIER”

CSMD aka PNA: OFA 03/19/2014 – “CLEAR”



Stirling’s Magnificent Pedigree

Stirling's Magnificent Pedigree

Everyone has a story.  For a hint of the passion, mystery, and drama click on the “4-Generations” thumbnail



AKC Grand Championship Certification – 2016




AKC Champion Certification – 2014

Scan 79








AKC NOHS Finalist

2015 NOHS Finalist...




Alaska’s Top 5

cci02082016_3 Top 5 Alaskan Terriers 2014 Top 5 Alaskan Terriers












4 Responses to CH Stirling O’Hanluan

  1. Sandi Zacher says:

    Great website & lovely photos of Stirling. Congrats on the group placement.

  2. WOW Judith I love your site and your boy is classy so great to meet you in Pennsylvania, and thanks again for your pictures

    • Jewt says:

      Ginger – We’re wicked excited to be showing at the Brooksville circuit in January. And for the opportunity to be grooming beside you. …The only thing that could make it a little better would be if our mid-west Kerry buddies could join us!

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