Palancar’s Stirling O’Hanluan of Krisma

Photo compliments of Krisma Images

As written 6/4/13, several thousand miles above somewhere-down-there Canada…

Stirling’s 1st Mid-West show tour!

And to think it all started at home with a bath; Stirling had voiced his concern with deep throated contention. That monkey was up to something, and he knew it. And what an adventure it was:

…Traveling alone with one’s dog is a treat. In fact, after basic training there may be no better way to enhance the bonds between the two; canine and human… So many sights and sounds; new experiences for both. Challenges to be met together.

…So together we “settled” in the midst of all of this; Stirling confidently watching and waiting.

*Airports: People rushing here and there carelessly dragging combat luggage. Bells and buzzers and flashing lights; and the whining of other travelers, both canine and human partners. Shouting crying children and automatic glass doors, and big city traffic.

*Dog Shows: Hundreds of dogs of all different colors, shapes, sizes, smells and attitudes; same for their human companions. Seemingly endless hours of crate time for dogs and hard work for humans; that is, setting up and breaking down exercise pens and the vendor booth, exercising bathing and feeding the dogs, and playing with the puppies. I am thrilled to have groomed beside the best, as a well-groomed Kerry is nothing short of a work-of-art. Stirling was a tad less thrilled about the grooming, and even fell asleep standing on the table! Stirling’s favorite part of showing was of course promise of “the dog”; that being a greasy stinking bait-hotdog for perhaps 3 minutes in “the ring”.

*Politics: It’s true, some dogs aren’t actually shown, they just have to stand beside the right human. But I noted Stirling couldn’t care less, so I’ve decided to follow his lead on that one.

*Tornado & Severe Storm Watch: Dark ominous evening storm moved quickly into the fair weather sky; rapidly pushing aside a beautiful day. After our mad dash to shelter (3 women with 6 terriers and 5 5-week old puppies). I found myself hovering over two dogs in the midst of hundreds of other people and their dogs all with the same concern, although my only frame of reference being the newscasts on the aftermath following the recent Oklahoma tornados. Now that was not a pretty picture; but, I felt myself among seasoned storm dodgers. …Flashes of lightening and booming thunder carried on through the night. But of course our Karma was good, and Stirling too for that matter; so the whole affair was only the makings of an exciting memory. And we did eventually get a little sleep.

*Driving: We’re just not used to it. And roadside catnaps were essential.

*Flying: There was the part of a separation at the gate; then some time alone, waiting in faith that we will soon be together again.

…Though we didn’t shake the dog world with major wins and a Championship at 12 months of age; Stirling & I will return to Alaska with so much more than 2 points.

…I’m grateful to Lois for sharing her time energy talents knowledge skills RV/home and friendship. I’m also thankful to Deanna, beside whom I rolled up my shirt sleeves and got really dirty, who selflessly finessed the less-than-glamorous behind-the-scenes groundwork. I have learned so much from these two, and had a lot of fun. And I’m blessed to have met so many other wonderful members of our Krisma family and friends, both human and canine, all of which I hope will become lifelong friends.

…I’m grateful to have competed with what is no doubt one of the best litters of KBTs in our country today. Although maybe not always quite as fun; I’m sure I’ve learned a lot more while losing to the best than I would have by winning over less. And our two hard-earned points will be forever treasured! I hope we will compete with those “V” pups – Vinny, Vlad, Vega, Holiday, and CH Troop – again, maybe next year, as we so love a good challenge!

…I’m excited to be going home to my pack, and thankful to Mark for supporting my adventure from the home front.