The Kerry Ride…

This post may interest the mechanics amongst us.  Speaking for myself, I love a good man who can do stuff.

My AK KBT Cargo Van

My AK KBT Cargo Van


On December 20, 2012 I brought home my very-own cargo van, which thanks to Vilavanh Thipphavong of Alaska Sales & Service was special-ordered to my specifications.  And from there Mark has made some truly remarkable modifications, he being my very own master mechanic!








There are still a few finishing touches on my wish list.  That would be to finish the interior walls & ceiling with cork flooring, and getting our logos on the exterior…





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2 Responses to The Kerry Ride…

  1. Mary Collamore says:

    Nice Job! Good to have a handy man. 🙂

    • Jewt says:

      Born & raised by a mechanic; Go figure when I finally find MY WONDERFUL MAN, he IS A MECHANIC. Think of all the trouble I may have saved myself had I realized I was looking for a mechanic to start with!!!

      …I so love this crazy life we share!

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