Until We Meet Again…


What strikes me most about the death of our loved ones, is that nothing prepares us for that moment.                       Nothing.


…Not the knowledge that death is pending.

…Not watching our loved one’s courageous journey through those later days.

…Not even that peaceful resignation of a body too frail to fight for another day.


All of that, faced with unsurpassed courage from the most certain knowledge of and acceptance for this loved one’s need to move on.



But with word that our dear one has indeed moved on ahead… now that takes my strength away and leaves my head pounding. Even though I have deep faith that our beloved is in a much better place; my heart and body pours forth a storm of sadness …reluctant to embrace our loss of her.



DSC_6009Dear One… be in peace

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2 Responses to Until We Meet Again…

  1. Jo says:

    Hush now…..close your eyes, Ju…..everything that was (is) real about your dear one can never be lost. She is with you always….you’ll see…..you’ll be aware of those qualities that are her…..

    I hope your sadness goes quickly away…..I love you.

    • Jewt says:

      Reflecting back on your wise words, Jo …you have been so spot on. Christie J gave me a treasure from Rebecca; that is, a small KBT lapel pin. It seems every time I wear it a near miracle has happens. I first wore it when Stirling was awarded BIS in July. And the second time was when he received his AOM at the Montgomery Nationals!!

      Yes when my mind is quieted I can feel her still…

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