Takes My Breath Away…


Terrier GRP 1 & RBIS

So where does one begin?  First & foremost, always be thankful.


My little man is wiped out again!  A tired terrier is a good terrier, so our hotel room is still and peaceful …for now.  For this I am thankful.

Stirling is the son of his mother CH Beltane’s Kiss for Luck bred by Jana Deaton, and his sire GCH Krisma’s Plenty of Panache bred by Lois Grier.  Stirling was Lois’ pick of the litter, and I do not have words to express my gratitude for placing this bad boy with me.  Stirling is my heart-dog.  …For this I am thankful.

Alaska has a small robust community of dog fanciers.  Alaska is an unique place in that owner-handlers out number the professional handlers.  This makes for a rich training ground where people are supportive and growth is possible.  Having said that, many of the breeder-owner-handlers easily blend in with the professionals.  They not only do well in Alaska, but they do well wherever they go.  What a privilege it is to be part of this community.  …For this I am thankful.

Today was a good day.  In particular I share this little victory with my conformation handling mentors Rebecca Brandon & Christie Simantel-Janusirwicz and my performance handling mentor Lynda Barber-Wiltse, all of whom have invested countless, and sometimes painful, hours coaching me.  I am quite certain at times they felt I was completely hopeless.  But they are as stubborn as I am.  …For this I am thankful.

We enjoyed showing for Judge Toddie Clark in the Terrier Group competition and for Judge Houston Clark in the Best In Show competition.  What an honor to win both Terrier Group 1 and Reserve Best In Show!  …For this I am thankful.






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